Trending: Boy Kandila sings Umiiyak ang Puso by April Boy Regino


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Screenshot of Boy Kandila viral video
Facebook user Jomz Kee uploaded a video of a kid singing “Umiiyak ang Puso ang Puso” by April Boy Regino in the cemetery, Jomz and his friends went there to practice as one of his friends told him about the boy who has a great voice. Then, he asked the boy if he can take a video while the boy is singing, the video goes viral in social media immediately after he uploaded.

Jomz forgot to ask the name of this boy so he dubbed it as “Boy Kandila” in his post; the boy was cleaning the tombs and scraped melted candles while singing, he belted out the song with confident even the high notes. Watch his video and I’m sure you will amaze this kid with a great talent.

The video was taken at Poblacion Cemetery, Talavera in Cabanatuan, City.

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