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Many fans reacted when a fan of Daniel Padilla hug and kissed him on the lips on ASAP April 20, 2014, the hashtag #RespectDJsLips was trending topic on twitter. This is a second time that a fans kissed Daniel Padilla in his lips, sometime fan get wild when Daniel in-front with them.


I read a lot of complaint about this issued some fans says "Fans should know their limitation," other said: people are just getting jealous to girl who kissed Daniel Padilla because they are not a certain fan who've do this thing.

The hashtag #RespectDJsLips still trending on the Philippines at number 3 slot as of April 21, 2014 at 12: 30 am.

For the fans of Daniel Padilla, please think many times before you act like this and most especially in public places. You should learn how to handle your emotions, just give them some respect and privacy.



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