Got To Believe (G2B) Best Ending Ever March 7, 2014


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Got To Believe Best Ending Ever March 7, 2014, would you still believe in magic.... till the end?

Manila - March 7, 2014, today is the last night of "Got To Believe" series staring Kathryn Bernardo-Daniel Padilla. We are excited about the "Best Ending Ever" of this top-rating romantic primetime TV series in Philippine, many kathniel fans are waiting to know what will be the end and what will happen to Joaqui and Chichay. If their magical story will end happily ever after.

After all sacrifices and challenges faced of Chichay and Joaquin, even the mind forgets the heaart still remember. That is the MAGIC of their love.


I'm sure it will be a trending topic tonight in social media specially on Facebook and Twitter, this is the most awaiting ending but a saddest moment for kathniel fans who really love them and didn't want to end the series.

Watch "Got To Believe" tease "The Last Night" - March 7, 2014

The last night of Got To Believe, expect the unexpected and believe the magic of love till the end. Kathniel fans, how you feel today? what do you expect about the Got To Believe the "Best Ending Ever?" share with us at the comment box below. Read more on Trendsetternews.com


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